WDYL: An ASCEND Blog Update

The ASCEND blog has long laid dormant. For me, it’s really been more of an outlying brain than anything else. That said, as I’ve sat in quarantine, I’ve had more time to consider what I need to do as a newly-minted educator in our surreal developing reality.

At the end of Summer last year, I promised weekly updates about what I’ve learned each week. For the few of you who have refreshed weekly, looking for something, I’m sorry for letting you down – it just took a pandemic for me to consider how to really work writing into my weekly schedule.

This is all to say that I’ve decided to revive that promise I made at the beginning of the school year:

Once weekly, I will write a WDYL. I will share my WDYLs to have some semblance of accountability, no matter how imagined that accountability may be. I will do my best to reflect on what I care about most in the moment of writing. I will be 100% honest

What Did You Learn Manifesto

With the permission of the author, I will also be posting some of the musings of the ASCEND, as shared in the ASCEND mailing list. I hope that we can reflect on our citizenship and humanity here, workshopping how these manifest in a democratic education.

Stay safe, and be well.