The Purpose of Education

Philosophy drives education, so it’s important that we ask ourselves unanswerable, philosophical questions from time to time. Let’s start with this one: What is the purpose of education? 

Of course, there is no single answer to this question. Education serves many purposes, and these purposes will continue to evolve for a multitude of reasons.

The reason I’ve been pondering this for the last four months is because I want to know the answers to several, smaller, answerable questions that derive from the bigger, unanswerable one above. Specifically, I want to know where we should focus our efforts as a nation, as a school district, or as a community now. Is the role of education to reflect and act on what the community wants for its children? Is it to push beyond the expectations of the community? Is it to provide a place students can grow and feel accepted and secure? Is it a childcare?

I don’t know, and I’m sure many people have starkly different opinions about this, but I do think that answering these questions are key to determining how to design and implement schools.